imageWe are aiming at the common benefit and accommodation of the more general social needs.

To be more specific, the purpose of our organization is to hold cultural as well as other events, and to support educational programmes/ presentations, featuring scientists, artists and professionals in general, to whom we will provide the opportunity to present their scientific, artistic and altogether professional work, so that the public becomes aware of it (e.g. photography, sound engineering, engraving, comics etc). Through the support of such innovative personal efforts, which will mostly come by individuals from the local community, we are looking forward to finding the required resonance and hoping for those efforts to catch up, so that on one hand, the entrepreneurship and employment among the local youth is promoted, and on the other hand, the public becomes aware of the above mentioned fields for the including benefit of our local community.

Moreover, we provide the opportunity to unions and non-profitable organizations which take action locally, and not just merely those, to present their object activity. We put great emphasis on the wider disclosure of their ecological, cultural, folklore activities, so that by encouraging the participation in such activities, the strengthening of the social cohesion and the local and wider growth are accomplished.

Two axes

imageLinto Organisation is developing on two axes.

On the first, it is a venue for co-operation, an education and entrepreneurial starting point.  It addresses companies, clubs and individuals with innovative and pioneering ideas and helps them to complete, extend and communicate them.

Any creative idea can here find fertile ground on its way to realization. Integrated infrastructure, fully equipped facilities and spacious accommodation areas compose the background in which each of us can study, work and cooperate on a daily basis.

On the second, we organize and accommodate cultural activities, having sophisticated entertainment as our main concern, free from the commercial stress and the masses, - band concerts, speeches, interviews, workshops, themed weekends and further activities which entail every facet of our everyday life.

We are located in one of the most central and privileged spots of the city, across the 1st Ancient Theater of Larisa, a reference point for the residents as well as the visitors.

What we stand for

imageHaving team work as a starting point as well as our goal, we promote the continuous training, the entrepreneurship, and the cultural dissemination. The common environment of co-operation does not hurdle the individual, independent activity, but it pursues brainstorming and the exchange of ideas, bringing isolation to an end. Extroversion is sought after on all levels – a key word and a need, especially nowadays.

Our originality

imageIn the past few years, areas of co-operation have been successfully created and planned internationally as well as domestically. In the city of Larisa this is the first attempt, and we hope it will accommodate the ideas and plans of people with cultural concerns until they manage to become viable and autonomous. We offer all the necessary equipment, advice and support so that each of their personal vision becomes a reality. We host accomplished scientists and professionals, we engage in discussions with them and they impart their experiences and knowledge of their field.

Our team

imageOur organization’s team consists of young and dynamic people with innovative ideas and an appetite for creation. All of them, even though they come from a different cognitive and professional field of specialization, have a mutual goal- that our venue consists of a collaborative beehive, a field for reflection and knowledge sharing, both in vocational guidance and in culture. The aim of all the team members is the evolution of communication and the outsourcing of good and auspicious news and events.


Linto Publications/ Λ5 (L5) consists the Organization’s publication arm. The aim is to produce and publish high quality special publications which present topics related to architecture, visual design, urban tradition, applied arts, all topics related to Creativity and Culture. The incorporation of high quality standards in designing and producing the projects, with an equal in quality text, consist our compass in the roadmap of our commitment to provide timeless projects.


"50 Greek Logos"
Catalogue number Λ5 / 5010
Paper Size (cm) 20.5x19
Colored (Special Pantone, black)
Pages 112
In Four languages (Greek, German, English, Japanese)
ISBN (forthcoming)Release Date April 2016

“50 Greek Logos” is an album-collection of the technically and aesthetically finest logos which have been or are still being used by Greek Companies or Organizations. A luxurious, four language edition presenting 50 logos which have been selected based on both subjective and objective criteria including architectural design and functionality, as well as the 'weight' they bare. “50 Greek Logos” on one hand aims at inspiring new on the field Greek designers and on the other at decorating libraries, being a work of reference both in content and design.

Research, design and production: Yannis Petrou , Kostis Tsiachas




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