Sunday 22 November 2015

Presentation- Speech- Tasting, Venetsanos Winery- Santorini

Linto Organization welcomes Ioanna Vamvakouri on Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 19.00 for a speech - analysis on the history and the revival effort of Thira vineyard.
Coming from the enchanting Santorini, the renowned oenologist Ioanna Vamvakouri will be analyzing the wine reality and the uniqueness of Thira vineyard in a co-lecture/ presentation/tasting on Level A of Linto Organisation.
The concept by George Venetsanos in the late 40s , for the construction of an isobaric winery, due to lack in energy sources, has adorned Thira with an architectural marvel which with great care and toil Ioanna has revived.
For the first time this year, three great labels have crossed the threshold of canava, respective of their name under the supervision of Ioanna and are presented for the first time in mainland Greece.
After the presentation of the winery and the analysis of the unique oenological wealth of our country, we will be tasting the three anniversary labels of the property (first bottling). The most characteristic Santorini, the sophisticated Nykteri and an experimental Mandilari will accompany beans with caramelized onions, tagliatelle with seafood and veal Talita with blackberry sauce and peppers.
As managing director of the winery, Ioanna will take us to the past and the history of canava and will oenologically analyze all the peculiarities of the vineyard. We will continue with the tasting of the first bottling and the secrets of winemaking, as well as with its organoleptic characteristics.
The attendees will have the opportunity to discuss taste and deepen into the uniqueness of Santorini and win prizes at the end of the wine tasting.
The seat availability is limited and the entry fee is €20.
* Reservations/ Info: 2410532693 &