Monday 23 November 2015

Impressions from the wine tasting evening

On Sunday, November 22, 2015 the renowned wine expert and managing director of Venetsanos winery, Ioanna Vamvakouri traveled from the magical island of Santorini to Larissa for a unique wine tasting evening Level A hall of Linto.
The oenologist in the speech-conversation which she edited presented the thirty special guests with the uniqueness of the historical Thira vineyard. After a brief reference to historical events that shook the island, such as the volcano eruption circa 1630 BC, she analyzed the geography of Santorini and its vineyard. The history of the Santorini vineyard counts over 3,500 years and has a unique in the world terroir with many peculiarities. Throughout its length there are vineyards, most of them located in the central and southern part of the island where from the PDO Santorini wines come ( 'Protected Designation of Origin ") - (" Nykteri', 'Vinsanto').
As part of the tasting, attendees tasted the three anniversary labels of the winery (first bottling - the most characteristic Santorini, the sophisticated Nykteri and an experimental Mandilari. The wine tasting was accompanied by an eclectic menu with beans and caramelized onions, fish soup, tagliatelle with seafood and penne with saffron.