Tuesday 20 December 2016

“Super Tuscan”- Legent or Reality?

In the early 70s, the strict legal framework that was being applied in the Chianti area urged several winemakers to experiment on their wine by not following the strict limitations of the zone.
That is how the trend of "Super Tuscan" came up. The first harvest of the wine by Marchesse Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta was in 1968. Sassicaia was brought out in 1971 to rock the boat of both the Italian and the world market of Fine Wines. The wine yards on the vertical axis in west Tuscany, also bordering the sea, were grown with Bordeaux clones along with its own Sangiovese ones and so the first legendary wines that were to highlight Italy on the international wine map were produced.
The Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Masseto, Solaia, but also the Tignanello or Ca' Marcanda and all of the super wineς, full of extroversion and via Italian marketing, conquered the world in extravagant prices.
The Vino da Tavola/table wines and low priced ones disappeared upon the appearance of the IGT Super Tuscan in the 90s and the DOC Bolgheri later.
We are to taste some of the legendary wines of our neighbor-country in a very special wine testing and to accompany them with local delicacies.
The wines we are to taste are:
Sassicaia 12'           85% Cabernet S.         15% Cabernet Fr.                                                                210,00€*
Ca' Marcanda 12'    50% Merlot                  40% Cabernet S       10% Cabernet Fr.                                 115,00€*
Guado Al Tasso 11' 57% Cabernet S.          25% Merlot              15% Cabernet Fr.    3% Petit Verdot        93,00€*
Tignanello 11'         80% Sangiovese          15% Cabernet S.        5% Cabernet Fr.                                   79,00€*
50&50 12'              50% Merlot from Avignonesi                        50% Merlot from Capanelle                   154,00€*
Ornellaia 12'           52% Cabernet S.         20% Merlot              20% Cabernet Fr     8% Petit Verdot      160,00€*
Siepi Mazzei 12'      50% Sangiovese          50% Merlot                                                                        105,00€*
*Price List
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Tuesday December 20, 2016
Time: 20.00
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