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Starrines Wine, Greek barrel white wine

Thursday May 7, 2015
Greek white barrel wine. Evolution in time or fatigue? Complexity or oxidation? Persistence or myth?

Kostas Manginas Quartet featuring Craig Bailey

Wednesday March 4, 2015
Known for his warm sound, his lyricism and the special relationship that he develops with the audience at his concerts, Craig Bailey is one of the most...

Τhe Pelican’s Shift

Friday February 13, 2015
A small community in Santorini has a unique duty: that of the protection of the traditional growing of the vine.

Greek Gruyere & Wine

Monday January 26, 2015
Travelling from the Greek islands to Epirus, you come across one of our country’s favorite hard yellow cheese.

Bird on a wire

Thursday March 26, 2015
A tribute to Leonard Cohen: a show of Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Music through images

Wednesday March 4, 2015
Within the Costas Manginas Quartet featuring Craig Bailey live photographs/portraits by Vasilis Agorastos are presented.

Echadi (Caress)

Monday February 2, 2015
From the songs of Queen Elizabeth's era, the antique arias of the 17th century to Theodorakis’ Small Cyclades and Hadjidakis.

Giannakochori/ Kir Yanni’s Winery

Monday January 19, 2015
A vertical tasting of Giannakochori Kir Yannis
Giannakochori was named after the village Giannakochori of Naoussa region...