Saturday 24 September 2016

Interview with Mikael Delta in Linto

Editor: Gogo Dimopoulou
G.D.: Why did you write "The Light of Words"?
Mikael Delta: After a long time and after the book’s publication, despite the fact that from the begging I had a sense of what the choice of texts would be- texts that count many years of life- I realised that "The Light of Words" answered a big and deep question of mine, which is "why am I alive?".
G.D.: It is believed that the less you know the happier you are. Do you feel that the constant inner quest makes us less happy?
Mikael Delta: I cannot share this common belief. In my case, the need for knowledge starts at a very young age. I remember myself during pre-adolescence, adolescence and even later up till present to walk the street looking at the trees, the sky and the people around me, wondering why I am here and who I am. This journey- and I take full credit of words- turned out positively, because it has and is still helping me to become human. Thus, the more you know, the more human you are.
G.D.: How do you perceive the meaning of love?
Mikael Delta: I will answer in Nietzsche’s words: “Love is not consolation. It is light”.
G.D.: While writing your book what was the music that you had in mind? Could those two be combined?
Mikael Delta: While writing those texts I was listening to psalms of various religions and cultures, which, now that I am thinking about it, obviously set me deeper inside me in a different manner. If the way I wrote that books was combined with the texts means it wouldn’t have been the same today. I have already come up with a performance for "The Light of Words", which will be a further text development in a simple reading and accompanied by classical piano by the classical, post-classical and contemporary pianists- in other words, minimal music from Chopin to Michal Nyman and Wim Mertens. What I am thinking of doing is this combination of text development with a parallel, emotional action of classical work that I love. I am working on this.
G.D.: You have previously mentioned that the path to self discovery is a lone one. Was it the same thought that led you to following a solo music course after the Stereo Nova band?
Mikael Delta: My relationship with Stereo Nova was the starting point to (discovering) my own truth, as I was new to quest, less conscious than I am today. I love collaborating with other artists. But it differs to personal quest. For instance, I can meditate at home alone in the morning, but we can also meditate together. The togetherness bares a different dynamic but also the loneliness offers you the pleasure of coming across new things.
G.D.: Is your new book ready in your mind?
Mikael Delta: Of course there is available material. However, I am not in a hurry taking the next step, as "The Light of Words" is still spreading...

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