Monday 12 October 2015

Bauhaus Museum design competition

Bauhaus style is so ingrained in the world of design around us. On the occasion of the modernist German school’s 100-year anniversary, plans to build a Bauhaus Museum in Dessau have given way to an open international architecture competition.
It was announced last month that two designs drew first place, Barcelona firm Gonzalez Hinz Zabala and New York architects Young & Ayata.
However, Austro-Chinese firm Penda’s entry caught our eye not only for its beautifully simple appearance, but also because the design is dynamic and parts of the proposed building would move.
Taking a quote from Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius as its starting point “Only perfect harmony in technical function and in the proportions of form can produce beauty”. Penda designed a brilliant example of flexible, transformable architecture for the new Bauhaus Museum.
With split entryways that both rotate 360 degrees, creating new space under the building, the design is intended to adapt to the needs of the park around it and is in keeping with the Bauhaus ethos of innovation and fusing art, work and life.

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