Tuesday 20 October 2015


Kenophobia is the second group show organized by Can gallery after Thrills and Chills (which took place in 2013 in cooperation with Daily Lazy projects) which brings together more than 100 artworks by emerging and mid-career artists.
The title Kenophobia meaning fear of emptiness or empty space refers to the Horror Vacui style of installation which is covering the walls of the gallery with works. The exhibited artworks are not special commissions for the exhibition but characteristic works carefully selected from each artist’s oeuvre. They represent their signature style and originate from the main body of their work.
The exhibition aims to present us with a panorama of contemporary production and detect any relationships or possible affinities amongst the works.
Opening: Tuesday 13 October, 20:00
Duration: 13.10 - 14.11.2015
Via: http://theartfoundation.metamatic.gr

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